Prayer Journaling Course

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Prayer Journaling Course

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The Prayer Journaling Course is a self-paced course, taken on your own schedule. There are five sessions and you can finish the course in one day, over 5 days, 5 weeks or an entire weekend while on retreat. It is meant to be a resource and a guide to help you organize, prioritize, and energize your conversations with God.

The five sessions are:

• Organizing a Prayer Journal,

• Prayer Journal Rhythms;

• Deepening Prayer through Prompts and Questions,

• Creative Prayer Journaling,

• Harvesting your Journal.

This course’s purpose is to help you to stay consistent and focused on God during the daily grind, distractions, and detours that we face. One method to help us connect with God is writing in a prayer journal. This practice energizes our prayer life and draws us closer to God. We learn to know God better and draw upon his strength. We learn to recognize God’s voice, live in consistent awareness/mindfulness of him even among distractions of life, and to seek him first in all decisions.

It is my hope and prayer that by the end of the course you will:

• Have applied ideas to organize, prioritize, and energize your conversations with God.

• Know and use the basics of writing in a prayer journal.

• Begin to write out prayers using prompts and questions provided here to deepen your conversations with God.

• Learn various methods and organizational tips for developing a prayer journal rhythm.

• Discover creative ways to journal through bullet journal, art, and nature.

• Learn how to harvest, review what you write to see patterns and gain wisdom from journaling.

• Experience God’s presence and guidance through spiritual practice of prayer journaling.

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